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Feeling stuck, worried, or overwhelmed and need some support and release?
Get more out of life through unblocking your energy!
Intuitive Energy Session 

Whether you need guidance or support through tough times, to work through grief or trauma, a major transition in your life or just to release the feeling of being stuck in life, this session will guide you to flow in your energy and outlook.   


Each session is uniquely structured for your needs at the time of the session.  Sessions may include intuitive coaching, energy healing or other approaches based on your needs.  

This non-therapy approach to releasing limiting belief systems, traumatic and emotional pain, negative behavioral programs/patterns embedded in our subconscious preventing us from reaching our full potential and living life to the fullest.


Base Session - up to 1 hour  

Intuitive Reading

Are you seeking insight into a situation, life experience or to help deal with an issue that is weighing on you?  


An intuitive reading is an informative option for you to gain insight into what's ahead for you and what you need to do to get there.    


Intuitively guided, these sessions take a look at what your energy is creating, stopping, attracting, and the reasons why situations are occurring in your life so you can make a decision as to what is best for you.   


Intuitive readings are a great way to identify a way forward and give you options for focused action to achieve your life's desires.  

Base Session - up to 30 mins

How I can support you!


You are the most important part of your development!


My desire is to be a conduit for your energetic journey. To unconditionally, without judgment, blame or criticism, listen, support, and guide you, to your full potential.


I consciously started my journey to finding my true self in 2001 when a colleague had a conversation with me about my intuitive nature.   That colleague became and still is a cherished mentor. 


Over the last 19 years, I have actively untangled my emotional baggage to be able to confidently provide a safe platform for others to heal and enjoy life.   This journey has allowed me to experience my flaws, my burdens, my achievements, and my desires in different ways, influenced by different cultures, healing practices, and modalities, to develop my own intuitive gifts and unique healing modality.


I am now living the life I am creating every day.  My intention is to help others to be in a similar position that enables them to be free of emotional burden.



"To be at peace with others, one must first be at peace with oneself!"


Live at Your Full Potential

During a Session



Each experience is unique to your needs and what you want to address.   As the session progresses I feel into your energy using intuitive insight and guidance to allow for a release in a caring, comfortable, and safe fashion.


Outcomes are varied for each individual.   Depending on the level of willingness to be open to what is available to you.  You may experience:


  • more confidence, self-esteem, and clarity in how you see yourself;

  • greater strength to face core emotional pain and trauma;

  • relieve physical and/or emotional pain;

  • less anxiety and anger;

  • career, relationship, or personal changes for the better;

  • a complete change in perspective of life;

  • removal of limiting beliefs and negative thinking.


All sessions are private and conducted in a compassionate way that supports you to travel at your own pace.  There is no timeline or perfect duration for the healing process to take full effect and multiple sessions are generally always needed.  


Remember, our emotional pain builds up over time, so it isn't going to completely release in an instant.   It takes time to remove emotional pain and programming, something I have been doing for myself over a longer than shorter period of time.  My journey of healing has led me to support you in your journey of self-discovery.  


My Role is to be a conduit for your process.   While I bring to the table techniques, skills, and knowledge that support you to process and discard energetic and emotional blockages that are holding you back, each session is unique to you and your comfortability at the time.

About Paul


USA:     Dallas, TX

​​             Tel: (972) 515-1046

Australia:   Sydney, NSW &

                  Noosa, Sunshine Coast, QLD

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"My sessions with Paul have been nothing short of phenomenal. Having experienced other energy work through a variety of people, it became apparent to me that Paul’s loving spirit and unique gifts go beyond what I ever expected."


—  Jennifer, Dallas, TX 

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